2024 group cohort and workshop sche

Communication and trust are fonudational to successful relationships.

I can help you find more confidence and ease in your relationships by letting go of coercion and control and embracing collaboration and respect.

Individual Coaching

Work 1:1 or 1:2 to practice the skills you need to feel confident and prepared for tackling tough family challenges. We'll work on intervening in conflict, setting limits and boundaries, and structuring a family life that brings you joy.

Group Coaching

Join a live, online group coaching cohort for the best combination of learning, laughter, and encouragement. Each week brings a new topic to explore with the support of parents who are going through it, just like you.

Online Learning

Expand your understanding of respectful and collaborative relationships through our growing collection of self-paced classes, blog posts, academic research opportunities, webinars, and podcasts.

I’m so glad you’ve found your way here! My goal is to support you creating and sustaining respectful, connected, collaborative family relationships. I believe in rejecting the mainstream of idea that children are a problem to be managed, full of faults for us to correct and shortcomings for us to correct and talents unknown to them that we must mine and develop. I reject the idea that our children are really ours at all: we’re just their stewards, relishing this time alongside them as we care for them and tend to them and keep them safe and nurtured, pointed on their path to adulthood.

My educational background is in conflict analysis and resolution and interpersonal dynamics, with particular focus on compassionate response and narrative intervention in families. I am stubbornly committed to seeing children through the lens of their present stage of development, and have studied child development and global cultural practices of child rearing. In addition, to better support the expressed needs of my parent clients, I am trained and certified in the Fair Play approach to recognizing, dividing, and tracking household labor. I’m deeply committed to family equity, and believe in the changing implementing Fair Play and create for couples. I help couples, co-parents, and modern non-traditional families develop and implement a plan for taking care of the obligations of adulting while keeping space in their lives for self care, personal development, and FUN.

I know that working from a paradigm so far outside how many of today’s adults were raised can be lonely, and can really make you question your sanity in the moment even though you know you’ve chosen the long game. Here you’ll find reflections, wisdom, advice, lessons, and community to support and encourage you as you build a beautiful, fulfilling, joyful relationship with your children to cherish into adulthood.

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What My Clients Say

Watching my clients succeed brings me so much joy! I love being a part of families' lives and helping them bring peace and confidence back into their homes.


Group Coaching Client

Kristen is a wonderful guide! We've already been using the strategies we learned. My husband and I loved meeting with other parents committed to respectful parenting.


Individual Coaching Client

This session was exactly what I was hoping for! My husband felt heard, and got feedback that he can implement. He felt like you two were on the same wavelength. Thank you very very much! We will be back in the future!


Group Coaching Client

Kristen's workshop was such a valuable experience for my partner and I to do together! I'm noticing nice adjustments in our co-parenting and sweeet growth in the relationships with our kids.