2024 group cohort and workshop sche

Cohorts are like parent coaching and a support group all in one! Parents who are at similar spots in their parenting or homeschooling journeys meet in 90-minute Zoom sessions for six sessions. Each session starts with a short presentation on a predetermined topic relevant to the cohort’s unique focus. Afterwards, the group opens for Q&A and leader-facilitated discussion about the topic at hand, or whatever is on everyone’s mind, from the practical to the theoretical.

While all parents and partners are welcome to attend cohort sessions, they are not intended for your children. We certainly understand that kids may wander in and out, but since our conversations would be considered talking ‘about’ them, it’s ideal if other arrangements are made for their care (or entertainment) while we meet.  

When choosing a cohort to join, you may discover that there are multiple cohorts that match your family situation. You should choose the one that’s most specific to the area where you’re needing support. If you’re unsure, reach out to Kristen via email and I can help you choose the best fit.

Things to Know

  • Tuition for group coaching is $329 for each session, due upon registration. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Cohorts must meet the minimum enrollment of 10 paid families in order to proceed.
  • To ensure personalized attention and maximum participation opportunities, enrollment for each group is capped at 12 families.
  • Families who have participated in group coaching receive priority access to the private coaching schedule and may book as ‘established families’. This means that you may skip the required 90-minute intake consult and are free to book single consult appointments, if needed.

While there is a presentation and teaching aspect to group coaching, the format is flexible and responsive with opportunities to share your questions and feedback each week to shape the following week’s discussion. The personality and character of each cohort is unique.

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