2024 group cohort and workshop sche

Fair Play is a method created by Eve Rodsky to help parents find more time for the things that matter. It’s a system of analyzing the household workload and working together to develop a plan for equitable distribution of tasks, resulting in predictability, accountability… and JOY. Truly!

Is Fair Play right for you?

  • Do you want to create a more equitable, collaborative household?
  • Have you noticed that the workload distribution in your home doesn’t recognize “invisible” contributions?
  • Has one of you become the “default parent”?
  • Does it seem like your to-do list no longer reflects your values?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you’re losing yourself to parenthood?

As a certified Fair Play facilitator, I can help you discover, implement, troubleshoot, and sustain the system in your home. Working through how we got to where we are isn’t easy: we often have to identify and trace inherited patterns, question our assumptions, and adopt a blue-sky vision of the future in which each parent in the household has time to pursue the things that really matter to them. If you’re absolutely drowning in the day-to-day, these activities may feel hopeless. I can help you find your way there with patience, compassion, and a proven system.