2024 group cohort and workshop sche

At Human at Birth, one of our priorities is to support you in creating and sustaining respectful, connected relationships that support you in your parenting practices. One of the most common questions we get is about convincing the other adults in our lives to join us in collaborating with our kids and leading with trust.

In a survey conducted in December 2021 of parents who report experiencing conflict with loved ones over parenting issues, I found that while most parents would love to teach their families more about why they’ve pursued a peaceful approach with their families, there are some barriers preventing that type of communication from being realized. Many of these parents report being in ‘states of emergency’ in their families: they’ve reduced contact, accepted hostile communications as the norm, and given up on improving these relationships. They want things to be better, but have lost hope that it’s possible.

This series endeavors to equip you with tools and strategies you need to start to rebuild relationships with your loved ones. The first course is exclusively about conflict: what are your choices when it feels like you’ve reached a stalemate? How do you reach out for connection and repair? How do you set boundaries, and what do healthy boundaries sound like? How can you keep your cool when things get hard? This first course introduces those ideas, and helps prepare you for more learning and practice in the weeks to come.

This course is a slide presentation accompanied by a voiceover audio. Eventually, captioning will also be available. Until then, and for anyone who prefers to listen without having to concern themselves with writing everything down, a detailed course outline (think of it as ‘guided notes’) is available for download below.