Respectful Parenting and Co-Parenting for Cycle-Breakers


REGISTERING NOW FOR JULY 2024.  6-session live online session of support, encouragement, and skills training to help you and your family grow in relationship and connection and identify and interrupt patterns that are no longer serving you.

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This cohort customized for parents who grew up in families that did not provide models for the type of relationships they want with their own kids. We’ll spend extra time on understanding the impact of our family of origin on our parenting practice, how our experiences as children impact our ability to set limits and boundaries as adults, and how to cultivate self-compassion as we chart a different path.

Each week I’ll present on a foundational parenting topic. Afterwards, I’ll facilitate a discussion and answer questions about how to work on implementing these ideas in your own home, with a focus on interpersonal communication as a couple. Please note that this group is primarily intended for parents with children under age 8 and most concerns will be related to that age group, although any parents are welcome and the last planned session includes an oft-requested eye towards the future.

While there is a presentation and teaching aspect to group coaching, the format is flexible and responsive with opportunities to share your questions and feedback each week to shape the following week’s discussion. The personality and character of each cohort is unique, and the atmosphere is one of support and encouragement!

Dates and Times for Summer 2024 (ALL TIMES US EASTERN TIME). All *presentations* will be recorded and emailed to participants; for privacy reasons the group discussion will not be included in the recording.

This group meets on MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS from 9-10:30 PM US EASTERN TIME.

  • Wednesday, July 31: The Role of the Respectful Parent
  • Monday, August 5: Unpacking our Families of Origin
  • Wednesday, August 7: Limits and Boundaries
  • Monday, August 12: The Foundations of Self-Compassion
  • Wednesday, August 14: Self-Reg: Managing Our Responses to Our Kids and Each Other
  • Monday, August 19: Wrap-Up, Questions, and Next Steps


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