Introduction to the Fair Play Method


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2-session workshop to help you get started using the Fair Play method to create household equity and find time for yourself and each other. Learn how to model respectful, collaborative, and equitable relationships for your children, and create a family culture that reflects your values.

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Creating a respectful, collaborative family culture means more than just relationship building with kids! Adults are powerful models for children, and prioritizing equity in managing household tasks is the ultimate way to cultivate a family team. Join me for a two-day workshop introducing the Fair Play workshop, where I help you understand how to identify the invisible labor in your household, give you tools for how to discuss it without shame or blame, and get your started on implementing the Fair Play approach to reveal more time, harmony, and teamwork in your household. With 4 easy-to-follow rules, 100 household cards, and a series of conversation starters for you and your family/ roommate, Fair Play helps you prioritize what’s important to your family and who should take the lead on every chore, from laundry to homework to dinner.

For some couples, this workshop will be everything you need to get off to a solid start! If you need more support in talking through your needs and values or in implementation and follow-up, group and individual Fair Play coaching sessions are also available.

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US East Coast May 16 & May 23 @ 21:00-22:30 EDT, US West Coast May 16 & May 23 @ 21:00-22:30 PDT, UK July 10 & July 17 @ 20:00-21:00 BST


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