Goal Setting and Developing a Family Culture


This is a -day workshop designed to help families articulate their vision for the future, align their deepest values, and create and nurture a household culture that honors these priorities. Multiple time zones available!

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Are you struggling to meet your own standards when it comes to the daily grind of parenting? Life with young kids is hard work, and it can feel impossible to raise your eyes from the endless tasks of the day long enough to take a shower, let alone think about the future.

I can help you ask the right questions to identify the type of family culture you’d like to create in your household, and identify the steps you’ll need to take to get there. I want to help you be purposeful and intentional in leading your family.

In small groups of no more than twelve, we’ll work together over the course of two live web seminars, we will:

  • Develop and describe your vision for your family culture
  • Identify actions for you and any co-parents who are part of your children’s lives, and
  • Sketch out a plan to help you stay accountable to your long-term vision for the future.

My objective isn’t to help you raise a “certain type” of kid. In fact, my goal isn’t about changing your kids at all! My promise is to encourage and support you as you thoughtfully create an environment where your family can flourish, and equip you to nourish relationships that your kids will be happy to come back home to.

I hope you’ll join me and take a step towards creating the type of joyful, connected family life that you always imagined. It’s within your reach!

We will meet in two Zoom sessions, two days apart. Partners and co-parents are welcome to attend, but this event is not intended for children. Most families find the collaborative sharing part of the workshop to be the most beneficial, so I’d invite you to come to our sessions with a mind and heart that are open to helping other parents and receiving their wisdom. Email support is also available to participating families for one week after the final Webinar session.

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(AUS) July 11, July 13 6:30-8:00 EST, (EUR) July 11, July 13 14:00-15:30 EST, (US) July 12, July 13 21:00-22:30 EST


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