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  • Support

    Big Family Support (Lots of Little Kids)

    Weekly support group for parents with LOLK – Lots of Little Kids! Learn new strategies, share challenges and successes with other large family parents, and enjoy the company of others who are dedicated to raising their kids with a commitment to respect and collaboration.

  • Workshops

    Goal Setting and Developing a Family Culture

    This is a -day workshop designed to help families articulate their vision for the future, align their deepest values, and create and nurture a household culture that honors these priorities. Multiple time zones available!

  • Group Parenting Cohorts

    Improving Co-Parenting: Group Coaching for Couples

    The original Human at Birth group coaching option, designed to help couples and co-parents get on the same page and work together to create a family culture that feels like home. 

  • Fair PlayPrivate Coaching Packages

    Individual Coaching: Getting Started with Fair Play

    Get 1:2 support for implementing the Fair Play method in your household. Reveal the hidden labor that’s eating up your time, and find more space in your life for the people and things that matter.

  • Fair PlayWorkshops

    Introduction to the Fair Play Method

    Registering now in multiple time zones!

    2-session workshop to help you get started using the Fair Play method to create household equity and find time for yourself and each other. Learn how to model respectful, collaborative, and equitable relationships for your children, and create a family culture that reflects your values.

  • Group Parenting CohortsSupport

    Joyful Family Meal Support

    Are you struggling with getting your family fed? Is mealtime causing stress in the morning, or bleeding into your bedtime routine?

    In this cohort, we’re going to talk about integrating Ellyn Satter’s Division of Responsibility in Feeding approach into your family routine.

  • Group Parenting Cohorts

    Respectful Parenting and Co-Parenting for Cycle-Breakers

    REGISTERING NOW FOR JULY 2024.  6-session live online session of support, encouragement, and skills training to help you and your family grow in relationship and connection and identify and interrupt patterns that are no longer serving you.

  • Support

    Tweens and Teens Support

    Weekly support group for parents of tweens and teens, with rotating topics specific to the challenges of contemporary adolescence and collaborative parenting.